Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brocken Arrow


Send your army, send your sons.
Build your army , come as one.
Come and get us, we will fight.
Fight for freedom, for what’s right.

Throw your stones and swing your swords,
March at us with relenting hordes.
Crash on us with all your mite.
I promise you will lose this fight.

The sun is high and the wind is warm.
Beneath us all the demons swarm.
I look to God to send a sign
And pry for help for all mankind.

With the setting sun we lose the walls
The stones breaks lose and then they fall.
We fought for freedom, and for light
But lose it all at a blind man’s knife.

And as the sunsets I raise my blade
To the sky for one last raid.
but soon my blade falls with the sun
And I am done, the wars been won.

Now I find myself alone.
It’s quiet.
Body’s lie around me .
The stench is horrible.
The pain allover .
Then I look to the sky.
The way the moon, the clouds, and the stars collide.
The beauty takes me away from the battlefield and elevates me home.

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